1 PERCENT (Eng. subtitled) - {Nepali short film ( not for minors) }    Download


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Title :: 1 PERCENT (Eng. subtitled) - {Nepali short film ( not for minors) }

2015, illegal and uncontrolled sex-trade is leading to a huge number of HIV infections. Sammy, a decent guy with a decent life is bored while his wife is away. He hesitantly decides to buy sex to kill his boredom. Everything goes well until he realizes that his condom has broken. The only thing that scares him more than possibly being infected with HIV is that he might transfer the Virus to his wife. Medical science cannot give him the peace of mind quick enough so he takes it upon himself to find out his and his wife's fate. His hoped journey to HIV negative takes us through the darker side of the holy city, Kathmandu, Nepal, giving viewers a new perspective on fate and decision. The most interesting film based on the psychological disturbance caused during the "Window Period". Written & Directed By: Navin Awal Music- Bibhusan Basnet, Andazification (Resham Firiri & Club ) Production Designer: Arun Khamu Cinematography: Sushan Prajapati Editor: Navin Awal Sound Designer: Sagun Shrestha Film Producer: Navin Awal / Arun Khamu Production Controller: Yam Prasad Oli Additional Cinematography: Gaurav Dhwaj Khadka...!!!!

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