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Title :: 9XM-The Betel Nuts - O O Jaane Jaana

Making fun of the lyrics of songs is another time pass for The Betel Nuts. They simply take a line from various famous songs and convert them in their style to get you going into gags. This one is no different: ""O O Jaane Jaana, Janeman, Jaanejana, Ae Jaana O Jaana Jaana, Abey tabse bol raha hoon yahaan se Jaa na."" Performing live at the Betel Nuts Café of 9XM, Betel Nuts are a group of 4 boys Paul Muradabadi, Rinku Sitar, Jaggu Harrison & Paan Menon who love having Roti and Steak and listening to Ghulam Ali. They also like playing Dandiya and love to hate teachers. One thing that they are very good at is reading funny couplets. Every time they start being the most poetic minds of the era and end up making you laugh to the literal reality of the couplet. With their originality, their funny poetry has become popular among the youth of India. Everywhere, in schools, colleges and even in offices people repeat their poems to set up the mood for humorous conversations. Each character has his unique identity and while standing out from the crowd they remain between us as well. Their out of the block thinking make their humor so popular. With the immense support we have gathered, we proudly present to you this witty Rock band (as they claim themselves to be), "The Betel Nuts: Meaning Paan Supari". This is what our Superstars have to say: "Ladies and Gentlemen, Lend us thy ears, sit back and enjoy a soulful performance. Aadab arz hai. presenting the Betel Nuts, from the cultural city of Lucknow! Like millions who come to Mumbai with a dream and a paisa, we came here in search of something. But till that happens, we are doing what we love best; and making a musical statement along the way. We would love to hear what you think of our original compositions. Applause, thank you, Namaste, phir milenge, chao, take care..." and before we leave... "We love you!!"

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