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Title :: Chote Bade - Touching Mobile

Latest Song Of Chote And Bade In 9XM.  Chote's new phone is very TOUCHY! Bade -- Bade is a very simple guy. He has a no-nonsense approach to life and finds pleasure in the little things. His only problem is his best friend Chote, who can't help but take Bade's trip with his abysmal sense of humour. Bade tries to avoid Chote but to no avail. Chote is way too smart for that. No matter how hard Bade tries, he always is a happy victim of Chote's BAKWAAS. Chote -- Although younger to him, Chote is Bade's best friend (and the only one Bade has). Chote thinks he possesses the best sense of humour but he is sadly mistaken because he can talk that way to no one else but Bade who tolerates him all the time. He is on always on the prowl for Bade and will not leave a single chance to "make Bade's day". He has the knack of cracking the silliest jokes at any given (bad) moment in time. Each time he tugs on Bade's leg, he is shouted at by Bade with the same phrase each time... "BAKWAAS BANDH KAR.....!!

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