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Title :: Flying on Pokhara, paragliding on pokhara

Among lots of things to do in Nepal paragliding in Nepal pokhara is one of the most exciting and mind blowing view of annapurna rang through paragliding is one. 100's of local and foregin travels enjoy the paragliding in Nepal.

Taking paragliding in the early morning i.e. first shift provides the wonder and beutiful view of annapurna range and you will find you self above the Macchepucchera mountain with lots of other mountain of Annapurna Range.

Apart from the himalaya range great view of pokhara valley along with fewa lake makes us feels as if we are in the heaven. So don't miss this golden chance to have paragliding in the pokhara.

Dont forget to ask to do acrobatixxx while flying which make your flying more interesting and adventerous. Enjoy a lot flying in the sky of Nepal like a bird.

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