Hatne Hoina Dati Ladne Nepali Ko Bani Huncha...    Download


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Title :: Hatne Hoina Dati Ladne Nepali Ko Bani Huncha...

All pictures and song/music used in this song belong to their respective owner. This song is remix version of "hatne hoina dati ladne nepali ko bani huncha" perform by axis band". We added few line in picture to make it more realistic according to song .. For peace & united Nepal , this song goes to every1 who love Nepal and all the nepalese around the world.... and this video also tribute to our late king Birendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev ,the people's king and devoted to our mother land NEPAL... enjoy the video .... jai nepa..Nepali Ever Green Song...Ever Watch!!!

Song Lyrics:- Coming Soon......

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