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Title :: Mazzako School - Orientation

Lets see how Gyan Bahadur's first day at school goes and how he gets bullied by Pachake and Chotu... This is our new video series"MaZZako School".. we will be doing more school videos.. so, please subscribe our channel "Mazzakoentertainment" for more videos Cast: Subodh Thapa Magar as "Gyan Bahadur" Subodh Moktan as "Pachake" Anup Adhikari as "Chotu" Anup Thakku as "Guy holding signs" Story: Subodh Thapa Magar Editor: Subodh Moktan Camera: Nikesh Shrestha / Subodh Moktan Screenplay / Direstor: Subodh Moktan / Subodh Thapa Magar Citations..;)) Sound Track PSY Gangnam Style Rajesh Hamal Scene from nepali movie "Pale dai".....