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Title :: Meri Adalat Full Length Action Movie

This Is A Very Endearing Story Describing The Corrupt Law System. It Showcases How A Common, Innocent And Pure Soul Is Forced To Change As A Tough, Strong Man Having The Power Of Thousand Criminals.Rama Is A Shy, Coward Young Man Who Could Not Resist Straight -- Forwardness And Quarrels. Venkat Shetty Is Shown To Be A Gangster, Rapist, Brute Who Forces The Sellers Of The Whole Market To Give Weekly Collections. A Few Sellers Refuse To Give The Amount And Complaint Against Venkat. Venkat Gets Killed By His Own Team Member Guddu Because He Rapes Guddu'S Sister Following Deva'S Orders. Now, Deva Goes For A Devil Makeover To Be Known As The God Of Devils And Takes Over Venkat'S Whole Illegal Business. Rama'S Father Slaps Deva Once In An Encounter. After Getting The Power, Deva Orders His Right Hand Guddu To Kill Rama'S Father, But In The Quarrel, Guddu Dies. Now, Deva Gets More Anquish And Plans To Kill Rama'S Whole Family. Eventually, Rama Changes. He Could Not Bear The Sufferings Of His Family. He Finally Takes Up The Oath Of Killing Deva. Further, The Whole Story Describes Scuffle Between Deva And Rama.