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Title :: Samurai The Warrior

Watch this Bollywood Hindi Action Movie "Samurai The Warrior" (dubbed from Telugu Superhit film "Manasara") starring Vikram, Sridivya, Bhanuchander. Synopsis The highlight of this movie is the way the martial arts fight sequences have been shot. Vikram (Vikram) is a middle-class guy whose father is transferred to a remote place called Rajapalayam in Kerala. The villagemen of Rajapalayam prefer staying in the old times by not welcoming the new technologies. He falls in love with the local girl Anjali (Sri Divya). Anjali is tormented by her father and pinni. Vikram keeps helping her anonymously. Krishnan Kutty (Bhanuchandar) is the landlord of the place where Vikram resides. Kutty keeps helping Vikram in his quest for love. The rest of the story of the film is about what motivates Kutty to help Vikram and how Vikram wins his love against all odds. 

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