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Title :: Ukali Orali 23 August 2012

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It's a live musical program. In this program we play Nepali folk music videos and inform about Nepali culture, customs, tradition and Nepali folk music industry. We can watch this show from 1pm to 2pm live in Image channel television everday. Audience can directly interact with presenters of the program through telephone calls. This program entertains the audiences with variety of topics each day.


Sunday- Guest
Monday- Dohari 
Tuesday- Gaukhane Katha
Wednesday- Jhalak
Thursday- Geet gaune
Friday- Jhalak
Saturday- Sandesh + Geet Rojai


1.Anusha Poudel
2.Shova tripathi
3. Babina Poudel


Producer  - Anusha Poudel.
Executive producer - Anupa shrestha.


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