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Title :: Visiting Nala, Nepal Part 1 The Bus Ride

Nala is a beautiful village located in the Kavre district. This place was once a city long before Kathmandu (the capital city) was developed. The multi-storey houses are ancient, and are made of wood, rocks, cow-dung, and red clay. Nala is of particular interest to me because my paternal family is from there. My dad was born in Nala, and my grandparents still live there. I was super excited to visit this place after such a long time! I still remember playing in the small 'gallies' and 'chowks' when I was a kid. In this first part of the video series, I've included the bus ride to Nala. The bus was pretty crowded, and the seats were uncomfortable. You'll see in the video that the window on my side did not even have a glass, so the dust kept bothering me. I went to Nala with my dad. It took us about 3 hours to reach there. It was pretty interesting to see the transition from the crowded city to a peaceful rural place.

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