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Title :: Wild 7

Wild 7 (2011) Full Japanese Action movies with English subtitles Genre: Action / Based on a Comic Romaji: Wairudo 7 Japanese: ワイルド7 Director: Eiichiro Hasumi Writer: Mikiya Mochizuki (manga), Masaki Fukasawa Producer: Shuji Abe Cinematographer: Tomoki Esaki Release Date: December 21, 2011 Runtime: 109 min. Distributor: Warner Bros. Language: Japanese Country: Japan Plot To combat rising crime and terrorist activities in Japan, the Japanese National Police Agency authorizes the formation of a secret motorcycle unit known as the Wild 7. The motley group consists of reformed convicts - ranging from simple thugs to former Yakuza members. The Wild 7 are tasked to take out criminals the police cannot touch - due to the criminal's connections with politicians and wily lawyers.

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