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Title :: World's first driverless bus trip

China's leading bus maker, Yutong, has unveiled the world's first driverless bus. The company's managers on Monday confirmed that the bus had recently completed its first trial operation on an inter-city highway in Henan Province. The bus successfully drove without any human assistance for more than 32 km, passing through 26 traffic lights along the way. During the trip, the vehicle was able to complete a series of complex manoeuvres, including changing lanes, and overtaking other vehicles. SOUNDBITE: TANG WANG, Deputy Chief Engineer, Yutong "The bus' sensors can detect the presence of passers-by. The signals are transmitted through the bus' communication network, which tells it to respond and ensure safety." Similar research and development on unmanned vehicles has been ongoing in many countries around the world, but this trip marks the very first time that a driverless bus has completed a successful road trip without human assistance.

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